Readerwoman Publishing

I am going to be starting my own small, personalized, independent publishing house., Readerwoman Publishing. My goal is to publish unusual, funky, interesting, creative works, fiction or non-fiction, for discriminating readers. As a new start-up, I am taking my time and exploring the options available – I will be hiring out the book “construction” phases of the work to a separate publishing company, to insure professional-looking works, which will be available both on my website and on mainline book dealers online, such as Powell’s Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. ISBNs and other professional provisions will be part of my packages.

For now, I am not offering advances, but rather an opportunity to be published. Royalties will be paid after publication expenses are covered, and 10 copies of your book will be provided to you for your own use, the wholesale cost thereof added to publication costs. Additional copies (after 10) will need to be purchased – you won’t make any money if you give all your books away! I am looking for works mostly by women, but will consider good stuff by men as well! I am willing to accept short-story collections (fiction or non-fiction) novellas and novels, as well as on-fiction works. Because of the cost of color work, I will not be offering color (except on the covers) photography options at this time.

Hardback and trade paperback will be the usual formats. Interested? Think you might have something to offer? Please send a query letter to ReaderwomanPublishing (at) gmail (dot) com. Do NOT send your work in at this time, but rather your own words explaining your concept/idea and the development of that idea, what format you expect (short story collection, novel, non-fiction/bio etc.) I anticipate, due to time constraints and start-up status, to accept one book per month for publication. turnaround time from acceptance to publication may take as long as ONE year.  Further details will be added to this page as I move forward in this new endeavor!

Through Readerwoman Publishing I will also offer low-level publicity, editorial and agent services, so as to be a “one-stop” opportunity to you for getting your book to market.  PLEASE, feel free to send questions, comments and ideas along – I want to be accessible and helpful to my authors, past, present and future!


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