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What I do to relax, ideas for creating a relaxing time for yourself.

Be One with the Turkey!

The last few years it has just been hubby and I with our terrific son David for Thanksgiving. I was going to just roast a chicken this year, but the woebegone face with which my son graced my decision made … Continue reading

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We Got Our Kicks! (A Road Trip Monologue)

The hot, hot days of summer in Arizona kept us trailer-bound for months. We were so delighted to have the cooler weather come in October! One day, thinking of the fact that we only had about 18 days left of … Continue reading

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Giving In or Giving Up?

In my massive boredom, I made a decision that may come back and bite me on the bum. I decided to admit to my addictions, and allow them to flourish. I don’t know whether this is giving up (in the sense that I am no longer struggling against the addictions in my life) or giving in (meaning that I am allowing my addictions free rein to express themselves.) Continue reading

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January 29, 2011 Relaxing

I like to imagine that the fish my husband catches in the Sacramento River are distant relatives of those that fed those who lived off the land a couple of centuries ago. It IS relaxing, as well as challenging, to think about the lessons we could learn from the not-so distant past, and the effort we must all make to cherish the land, the rivers and the wildlife that still remains. Continue reading

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January 8, 2011 Relaxing

One of the most irritating things anyone can say to me is “relax.” Or any slang word referencing the same. “Chill,” “unlax,” “be cool,” “hang loose,” and so on. By telling me to do that, the implication is of course, … Continue reading

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Saturday January 1, 2011 Relax

January 1, 2011. What do you do to relax on New Year’s Day? My family’s long-time tradition is early rising, gin fizzes and the Rose Bowl Parade! This year, it will just be DH and me, but we will share … Continue reading

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