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What’s Size Got to do with it, Got to do with it…

For some reason Tina has occupied my head lately. What’s Love Got to do With it is a catchy song, although the lyrics are a bit mixed up…( But when I started meditating on the topic of size, while making chocolate … Continue reading

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Family and Forgiveness

After three difficult years, my daughter and I had reached a comfortable relationship again; then it blew up in my face. She accepted a friend request on Facebook from a family member from which we have been estranged for over … Continue reading

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A New Post in Which my Mouth Runs Away with Me…

WARNING – content may be offensive to some readers – swear words used! “…Don’t Make Her Responsible For Her Own Orgasms, Too!…” Today, I have voted this quote into my own personal library of great lines – and the title … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week (- and thoughts thereupon)

This is Banned Books Week. (September 24-October 1, 2011) First off, I want to mention that I have items for sale in my Cafe Press store for those who want to make a point of Banned Books Week. You can … Continue reading

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Dollars to Donuts

Okay, I am sorry. I love clichés and alliteration. So sue me 🙂 According to my handy-dandy online dictionary/encyclopedia: ‘Dollars to donuts’ is a pseudo betting term, pseudo in that it didn’t originate with actual betting involving donuts, but just … Continue reading

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Insanity is Hereditary – You Get It From Your Kids!

I have learned, mostly in the last five years, to temper my expectations and assumptions. Certainly my assumptions have gotten me into major trouble in the past, for I had a tendency to assume that certain things were so, or would be so, because I believed the idea, concept or action. Continue reading

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