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Bookmark Topics – a Window into the Soul?

From October on I had one problem or another involving my computer. First, it was a couple of months before we could line up an internet connection that we wanted, one without cable, satellite, landline or other gizmo to complicate … Continue reading

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Friendship, Facebook and a Garden Book Review

I love Facebook. I am far from being young, so I am not on it to be hip or find out my next homework assignment. I am there because I love interacting socially with people from all over the world. … Continue reading

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” ‘Seek a higher purpose’ Daddy used to say…”

I know that I chose my parents because they both had great lessons to teach me in this life. So rather than beating myself up too much for my shortcomings, I prefer to see myself as a work in progress. Continue reading

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Mstress of Names

I was thinking, as we were driving a tiresome stretch of Hwy 5 in Cali, that place names were interesting. From that, my bungee brain jumped to names, in general. Therefore the title of this post is on purpose. 98% of the time, when asked to select a salutation, I select “Ms.” Continue reading

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One of the things that moved me in the reading was coming across the word “Seledreorig.” An old Anglo-Saxon word, (Anglo-Saxon being the period in British history of the invasion of Germanic tribes, and the actual development of the English Peoples, 400 AD to 1066 BC, which includes the Viking Age…) it means, as best can be described… Continue reading

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Seasons of my Life

This is sort of a mish mash posting. There is both lots going on and nothing going on, at the same time! My move is done, although most of my life still seems to be in storage in California; we will bring things here a bit at a time as we make room for them…At first glimpse, Arizona doesn’t have much in the way of seasons. But our weeks of Spring here have been filled with interesting weather, awesome hikes and new adventures. Hail and heavy rain yesterday, won’t get over mid 50’s this week, although last week we were hiking in mid-70’s sunshine!

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Contest, Rain, Moving and Other Confusions

Rainy Days and Thursdays always get me down! Continue reading

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