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Letter B

I bet those who know me well thought that B would be for Books! But although reading and books course through my veins, Bread is indeed the staff of life, at least for me! Continue reading

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A is for Acrobatic Anteaters Ate Apples

You accept your faith. You are accepting of cultural differences. You have the mental state of acceptance when you have accepted something as true or believable. (The sky is blue. Democrats are liberal…) Continue reading

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Hello, I love you won’t you tell me your name?

Look out for the first for letter A – Assumptions, Anticipation, Anteaters – one of those or another. Coming to a blog near you. Continue reading

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What I Believe

An interesting discussion with my best friend and one of her FB friends today prompted this post! It is not so much WHAT I believe, but how I chose to disseminate that set of beliefs. Is my goal to change … Continue reading

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I lost a friend yesterday. And in that loss, I became painfully aware of the nuances of our language. “Lost” sounds like I set my friend down, like recalcitrant keys, and forgot where I put her. “Friend” implies a deeper … Continue reading

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Fellow Travelers

I travel (metaphorically speaking) with a remarkable group of women. These women, for the most part, are writers, bloggers, seekers and the go-to women when you want something done. So today, I am going to list some fantastic blogs and … Continue reading

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Just One Look

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary, my husband Ed and me. We met at the end of August, 1973. We got engaged on September 13th, three weeks later. We married on Groundhog’s Day 1974. And we have belonged to each … Continue reading

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