It’s your Turn!

I write all the time. Mostly in my head. I don’t know if other writers do that (I suspect they do!) but riding in the car, trying to fall asleep at night, watching PBS – times, usually, that I am without a writing implement or a computer at hand, an idea for a blog or article swims into sight. My memory is shot to hell, so I am fortunate to be able to remember the  Post Headline, to say nothing of what I actually was going to write about. THAT is where you, my vast (13 readers strong!) readership, come in. Here are the topic headlines. Pick one (or three, in order) that you are curious about, and the one with the highest vote will be my next post…

Ready? Set? GO!

  1. Dogs and Doorbells
  2. Hair
  3. Bananas and Blue Cheese
  4. Great Blogs to Share
  5. Melody, Music, Memories
  6. Marriage Mysteries
  7. Life Revisions
  8. Laugh Lines
  9. Heroes and Heroines
  10. Serendipitous Simplicity
  11. The Family Fix

Vote using the POLL 


Pick by number or topic, and post your response in the comment box… I am passing the buck on to you! Help me, PLEASE!


About ReaderWoman

Professional reader and researcher for writers - Reviewer and Editor for online book review sites - AVID reader (well, duh!) writer, crafter (sewing, jewelry, fiber art) photographer, herb gardener, love to learn new things - Married 3842 years, 2 "kids" (now 34 and 36) and two grands (13 and 15) Born and raised California Girl, with stints in Tennessee, learning to speak Southern, and Arizona, learning that living in a trailer is NOT fun! Enjoy conversations with wine and chocolate, long walks and being with hubby and family. Life is good!
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9 Responses to It’s your Turn!

  1. Laura Hodge says:

    As I looked down your list I fancied that I knew how you would be addressing each topic. So, now I want you to blog on every one of them just to see if I know you as well as I think I do. I ticked Bananas and Blue Cheese because I loved the title more than the others (Dogs and Doorbells ran a close second).

  2. ReaderWoman says:

    Oh, I will probably blog on them all – but my readers will determine what first! You know me so well – it tickles me to know you will be judging your knowledge and my writing skills at the same time!

    • Laura Hodge says:

      No, you are wrong, my dear friend. I will not be judging your writing skills. I will simply enjoy reading.

  3. Jo says:

    Bananas and Blue Cheese – such an interesting combination, I just had to choose it!

  4. ReaderWoman says:

    Okay, Jo – hope you won’t be disappointed!

  5. Deb says:

    Bananas and Blue Cheese, of course! Eager to see where you go with that.

  6. Madi Creekmore says:

    #10 Madi

    • ReaderWoman says:

      At this point, there are three selections in second place! Half of the votes have been for Bananas and Blue Cheese – I will do the second place ones at random later in the month (or in July!)

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