Hiking Fools – a Pictorial (mostly…)

The beginning of the Cave Springs Trail

We found a new place to hike today – called the Cave Springs Trail. We have to drive around our “mountain” to the beginning of the trail, but we were fortunate to get there when no one else was around. We left the “girls” (dogs) at home this time around, so we could explore without the distractions of the two eager noses and eight pulling feet!

Ed had his trusty walking stick, which has been with him for years. The path is fairly well established at the beginning, although once you head up into the hills, it becomes more guess work than a delineated walkway! It was a beautiful day, in the Seventies, with a nice breeze. We headed up into the rocky mounds with eagerness for a new adventure.

We took pictures of every different variety of cactus that we could see…

And a huge bush full of the pestilent “desert mistletoe” that kills plants as mistletoe does Oaks in California and elsewhere.  

We hiked to the top of one hill, close enough to get a good view of some of the caves. Not being spelunkers, nor rock-climbers, that’s as close as we got – or are going to get!

We saw several lazy high-flying birds, drifting on the tides of the breeze, and evidence (e.g. “scat”) of burros, and a lizard sunning in the rocks.  (Didn’t take a picture of the burro scat. Sorry. If anyone really wants a picture, email me, and I will make a special trip back up there for a photo op!)

While wending our way back down the rocky hillside, I found a perfect walking stick for myself. A bit too long, but we will adjust that, and then I too will be ready for the hikes the future brings.


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2 Responses to Hiking Fools – a Pictorial (mostly…)

  1. Laura Hodge says:

    I so love the way you guys have embraced the desert. It’s not what you expected, is it? Kudos to you for making the most of the good weather. In a couple of months you will be seeking the cool, but in the meantime, there is so much to see! My favorite hiking spot down here is Sabino Canyon; a lot more traveled than Cave Springs Trail, but very similar in appearance. Of course, being in the Sonaran Desert, we are blessed with saguaro in our hiking grounds. May is the time to be here as that is when these courtly giants present us with their beautiful white blooms (nudge, nudge).

  2. This looks SOOOOO pleasant. I envy you.

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