Dick Flicks and the Mysteries of Men

I am incredibly fortunate in my husband. He isn’t particularly metrosexual, or even evolved in the sense of the male/female liberation . He is actually a pre-boomer (said to be the birth boom between 1946 and 1964,) and a gentle, quiet man; loving, kind, funny. He has never tried to “control” me or to limit me in any way… partly I suppose because he knows it wouldn’t do any good, and partly because he genuinely believes in the rightness of letting people be themselves.

"Mr Wheeler"

Yet, in some ways, he is stereotypical in his maleness. Particularly, I must admit, when it comes to violent movies, sports and fast cars or motorcycles. I don’t really understand it. I remember a cartoon I watched during Driver’s Ed (remember Driver’s Ed?!) about Goofy’s split personality – how he changes when he gets behind the wheel…

My husband, who rarely swears, becomes a cussing fool behind the wheel. He calls everyone Homer (No, not after Homer Simpson – it is an old family nickname for his mother!) and although I wouldn’t really call it road rage, I would say that his aggressions come to the forefront when driving. He is a good driver, mostly, it is just that he does not believe in letting “those idiots” get away with anything!

He also, when given the choice, will go for horror movies, shoot ’em ups and runaway trains every time. Right now, for example, he is watching The Wolfman. (The remake, with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins) I admit that the makeup and special effects are quite good, and the acting is dramatic and tense. But dang, the violence, blood and gore is WAY too much for my stomach. If it has Bruce Willis in it, then you can probably count me in – a good adventure movie is a blast. But unless he is singing (ala Paint Your Wagon) or acting with Shirley (Two Mules for Sister Sara) you can count me out if Clint is on the screen – and that goes for most violent dramas and westerns. And if I watch another runaway train, I will run away myself, screaming in the night!

A good friend (Bobby) says there are dick flicks and chick flicks. He is remarkably right! And since Ed sits with me and watches Hallmark movies, I try to at least be present when he watches a dick flick, even if I avert my eyes or cover my ears (or both) and go la-la-la-la-la during the gross parts. And there is enough medium ground where we can both agree, and enjoy our movie and TV watching.

As for sports – I love watching the Olympics,and have even been known to throughly enjoy a TV golf match while rooting for Phil Mickelson. I was brought up loving baseball, and tolerating football, but most of the time, football bores me to tears, and if it isn’t my son playing basketball, count me out. I like a good baseball game, in person, and have always had a blast going to farm team games. Super Bowl Sunday we were in Arizona, getting things set up for our move there, and we took a break Sunday and wandered through several casinos in nearby Laughlin looking for the perfect combination of a smokeless environment with free food. The three men I was with were cheering loudly, and although none of them were drinking, they were shouting enough to deafen someone. (Although not me – since I am already hard-of-hearing!) They were having a good time, and watching team sports ALSO seems to be a team sport, so I guess I am glad I got to tag along.

But, mostly, I just don’t “get it.” While I don’t really think that the whole women are from Venus, men are from Mars thing is totally accurate,  I can definitely see that there are places the male mind, and psyche, go that I cannot follow. Thank the Goddess!



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