January 20,2011 @ Random

I didn’t feel like doing a “react” today. So I unilaterally decided to make Thursday an “at random” day. These are thoughts that have wandered into my mind in the last week. It has been a strange day today – lots of ups and downs, so intellectual pursuits are beyond me right now!

My father didn’t start smoking cigarettes until he was 40. That was the same year my  mother learned to drive. Coincidence? I don’t think so! I was two years old, and came with my own set of health problems – so that could have been a contributing factor…:)

Every time people talk about instinct, I think of my mother’s joke about the twin skunks:  Once upon a time there were two little skunks named “In” and “Out.” They lived in a hollow tree with their mother. Sometime In and Out played outside,but other times they played inside. One day In was out and Out was in.Mother skunk told Out to go out and bring In in. So Out went out and in few minutes he came in with In. “My my, Out,” she said, “How did you find In so quickly?” Out just smiled and said, “Instinct.”

A flea and a fly in a flue were imprisoned, so what could they do? Said the flea, “let us fly…” said the fly, “let us flee” and they flew through a flaw in the flue.

Gay, Queer, Awful, Dude, or even words like Cookie, or Wicked. It is hard enough to communicate with others without the constant definition changes. Someone said to me a couple of years ago, lets get together and eat tacos, and I thought he wanted to go out to lunch! Are there words in modern usage that you find confusing?

Ed (my hubby) says I am not clumsy. I am Gravitationally Challenged.

Doctor says I should get in shape. Don’t know what her deal is, round IS a shape!

Red Flannel Hash was a favorite dish of my childhood. Anyone ever had it?

Anyone longing for spring? Check out these  catalogs, some with print catalogs as well as an online presence- great stuff!




That’s it. There isn’t any more.


About ReaderWoman

Professional reader and researcher for writers - Reviewer and Editor for online book review sites - AVID reader (well, duh!) writer, crafter (sewing, jewelry, fiber art) photographer, herb gardener, love to learn new things - Married 3842 years, 2 "kids" (now 34 and 36) and two grands (13 and 15) Born and raised California Girl, with stints in Tennessee, learning to speak Southern, and Arizona, learning that living in a trailer is NOT fun! Enjoy conversations with wine and chocolate, long walks and being with hubby and family. Life is good!
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