November Thankfulness

I had so much fun doing this on Facebook I decided to make a blog post of the month, week by week… hope it activates some thankfulness ideas for my readers!

November 1, 2012. The Thankfulness project.  I am posting daily on Facebook, a public thank you note for all the things, people and ideas that have made my life what it is.  I will start the day by saying how very thankful I am to be alive in the 21st century. Beware the Chinese curse – “May you live in interesting times!”  (a saying actually invented by the British, but what the heck…)  I know my parents were awed by the changes of the 20th century – telephones, cars, airplanes, computers, the dawning of the space age.  Now, only 12 years into the new century we see so much change, much of it scary, but all of it interesting! I am thankful that I can be alive, and take part, in the changes of the new age!

November 2nd. I am grateful for a car that functions, despite its 215,000 miles – in fact, it gets 35 miles to the gallon. I am grateful to Joan who gave us the car 6 years ago. I am grateful for a husband who loves to drive, (even though I have a license) so I don’t have to. And I am grateful for social security income, which allows us to live a quiet gentle life.

November 3. Today I am grateful for a terrific landlord who pays attention to tenants’ needs and wants. VERY rare these days! He put a stackable washer and dryer in our cottage, and provided outdoor storage for us too. We have lived here a year now, and are so lucky to have an adorable home and great neighbors!

Day 4 – November 4 – The Gratefulness Path to Thanksgiving… Today, I am grateful for Facebook. I live a quiet, mostly isolated life, by choice. Facebook keeps me in touch with the news, with politics, religion (and, yup, sometimes sex!) I can connect with my bestie, Laura Hodge who lives in Tucson, with new friends, like Rhys McInnes and Gabriela Mira Williams that I have never met in person. I can talk to feminist buddies, old friends, distant friends (Jo Haddad in Canada!) and play scrabble with family members, some of whom I haven’t seen in 40/50 years! I talk to friends who share my love of books, writing, reviewing; those who love homesteading, crafts, baking and more. Yes, Facebook is time-consuming if you let it be; it can be frustrating and irritating and flakey. But it is my connective-tissue to the world. And I am glad!

Day 5, Thankfulness countdown: Today, I am so grateful for my parents, who taught me so much. Most of my skills do not come from my education, but come from the love and life lessons of my parents. My daddy has been gone for 34 years, and my mother for 7. Not a day goes by when I don’t remember a recipe, a homesteading tip, a political ethics thought, a religious concept or a family memory that connects me to my wonderful parents, Earl Ray Strathman and Miriam Ellen (Kline) Strathman!

November 6. I would like to say I am thankful for living in a society that allows its citizens to vote. But I can’t truly say that because of all the trickery and BS with robocalls, polling places, software scams etc. SO instead, I will say I am grateful for the many opportunities my life has provided me. Whether or not I availed myself of those many opportunities, I could go to college, move wherever I wanted, follow my personal interests, and enrich my life, and that of others’ with such opportunities. Tomorrow, I hope will feel less trepidatious about the future, and more pleased about what that future will bring – to me, to my family and to all of us!

November 7th on the roll call of Thankfulness: Today I wanted to express my gratitude to some of my most precious belongings – my books. I have read for 55 years. My books, past, present, and probably future, have educated me, entertained me, enlightened me and enriched me. They have brightened my decor, made me smile, just in the reading of their titles, and given me vast resources for conversation, opinions, and even laughter and meditation opportunities. I am so glad I am a reader!

Tune in next Saturday for another week of the Thankfulness Project Posts…

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